Quantifying Generosity- the 1% solution

Quantifying Generosity- the 1% solution

The world’s most generous community for entrepreneurs

We’ve all heard it, read it and even say it. But what does “most generous” mean? More generous than who? How do you measure generosity? After all, what’s generous to one person isn’t necessarily generous to the next. Is generosity measured in dollars? In equity? In hours? Or is generosity found in conversations, encouragement, information and connections?

Or is generosity all of the above?

If that is the case, how is that generosity quantified? When measuring, what amount of generosity can be expected from solopreneurs or a startup with three employees and little to no profit, versus an enterprise level business with hundreds of employees?

If we are going to continue to build PHX into a diverse entrepreneurial hub, where innovation and ideas thrive — generosity is a key ingredient. We also know PHX entrepreneurs are incredibly generous already. But are we “the most” generous? How do you quantify “most?”

All of the members of the core planning team have experienced the generosity that connects us as individuals and businesses across the Valley. That generosity is one of the reasons we’ve spent the last six months volunteering to build PHX SUW 2019, to give back to a community we’ve been benefited from, believe in and want to help make it a little better.

Any person who attends SUW 2019 is a beneficiary of the hours and hours of planning, organizing, creative and strategic time donated to build this event, given by lots of people and organizations all doing a little bit. Sponsors have donated money or other resources. Mentors and speakers have donated knowledge and are investing in attendees.

You, as an attendee, are giving back by showing up, talking to other entrepreneurs as you build relationships and connections during the week, as well as lending your support to speakers as they present. All that generosity adds up to great big things, for individuals, companies, and PHX at large. It’s how we can Thrive Together.

We know we have something different here in PHX. Something that isn’t the same in other cities and in other ecosystems. We don’t need to establish ourselves as the next <insert another tech city> or call ourselves the “Silicon Desert.” We are PHX.

What is the difference? Generosity.

What does generosity look like? We think it looks a lot like PHX Startup week. But it also looks like conversations in coffee shops and introductions to people in your network, it’s meetups and conferences put on to benefit the community across the Valley. It looks like funding. It looks like encouragement.

But what does it feel like?

It feels like PHX.

If you’ve been here you know the feeling. But this brings us back to our original question — how do you measure a feeling? Our recommendation?

One percent at a time.

What if every company represented at SUW pledged to give 1% back to the PHX community?

Could 1% help PHX Thrive? Could 1% transform your company culture?

Tech leaders like Salesforce, Atlassian and Yelp, along with 8,500 companies in 100+ countries are showing 1% can make a big difference by pledging 1%.

Pledge 1% is a global movement, creating a new normal for companies to give. The simple, flexible and scalable model helps founders integrate giving back into their company cultures and values early by committing to give 1% of equity, time, product, and/or profit to any cause of their choosing.

Here in PHX, over 40 CEOs and founders have already committed to giving back 1% of equity, time, product and/or profit to a local cause of their choosing. You’ll be hearing more about Pledge 1% during SUW — including hearing from these local companies who have incorporated giving back into their business models, sharing how conscious giving changed their company cultures — for the good.

The best part about pledging 1%? It’s a measurable commitment to continuing to build a generous PHX. Founders, entrepreneurs of companies of all sizes can participate. You don’t have to be funded, have dozens or hundreds of employees, you don’t have to make millions… you just pledge to give back and help PHX thrive, 1% at a time.

It’s simple and easy to sign up. By joining, you will receive access to free tools, support, and a growing community of like-minded leaders who are committed to leveraging their companies to do good.

If you are a founder, CEO, or entrepreneur and are interested in learning how you can have a positive social impact through your business, take the pledge at p1.today.

Is giving back already part of your company culture? Great! Take the pledge and help us quantify the generosity that already exists in PHX.

Our goal is double the number of PHX companies who pledge 1% during the month of March, starting with SUW. Will you join us?

5 Ways to get the most out of PHX SUW 2019- Starting now

5 Ways to get the most out of PHX SUW 2019- Starting now

When we all work together, we can #ThriveTogether

PHX SUW 2019 is just around the corner- but you don’t have to wait until March 4th to start benefiting from the connecting to the PHX entrepreneurship community.

The following 5 recommendations will help you make sure your time is well spent, and you end the week with knowledge, new connections, empowered and energized, ready to thrive.

  1. Buy your tickets
    It just won’t be the same without you! I don’t know about you, but I usually put off buying tickets until the last minute, not just for SUW- but for everything. To really maximize your SUW time you need to get your tickets like yesterday, but- the sooner the better! Signing up lets you access to the event app, which allows you to…
  2. Schedule your week
    Once you buy your tickets you’ll be able to download the Whova app and register for the sessions you plan to attend. This is key because there are room capacity limits. If we reach capacity you won’t get in- and we want you there!
  3. Meet with a mentor
    Want to meet one-on-one with one of PHX’s top business people? A mover and a shaker? Get advice from someone who has been there before? Sign up for mentoring now. There will be very few walk-up mentorship spots available so the sooner you apply, the more likely we will be able to pair you with a mentor during your preferred time slot.
  4. Volunteer
    There is no better way to really get to know people and feel like you’re part of an event than actually rolling up your sleeves and pitching in. What? You still haven’t bought your tickets? Sign up to volunteer and you get in for free- along with other benefits.
  5. Connect and win
    The app doesn’t only let you see who’s speaking, it also lets you see who else is coming, what industry they’re in and gives you opportunities to connect in advance. Plan to meet for lunch, attend a happy hour, or just strike up a conversation so you recognize them when you see them in a session. Everything’s better with friends- right?

So what are you waiting for? We’ll see you in Whova and at Startup Week 2019!