About PHX Startup Week

PHX Startup Week is a grassroots event led by #yesphx community members and facilitated by the yesAZ foundation. Organizers and speakers contribute on a volunteer basis, and all revenue from ticket purchases and sponsorships goes directly to hosting the event.

PHX Startup Week began in 2015 and quickly became Arizona’s largest entrepreneurial event. The week is packed with informative, inspirational speaker sessions and limitless networking opportunities for startup founders, teams, investors, and supporters.

Our goal is to collaboratively accelerate GREATER Phoenix’s diverse entrepreneurial hub and ensure all innovation and ideas thrive by bringing voices from all corners of the metro together to connect, learn, accelerate and empower.

PHX Startup Week 2024

This year WILL mark our TENTH annual PHX Startup Week! 

MORE Details TO COME…STAY TUNED for information on the location, time, topics, sessions and speakers.

Plug in to the PHX Startup Community Today

Get involved in PHX Startup Week by:

  • buying tickets
  • sponsoring
  • volunteering to help during the event


Why should I attend?
  • Connect: Whether you’re an entrepreneur, investor, supporter or community
    member, come to PHX Startup Week to meet new people, partners or
    collaborators and to gain and share valuable insights.
  • Learn: The week is designed to inspire and inform. It’s packed with expert
    speaker sessions and limitless networking opportunities.
  • Accelerate: Innovation happens when great ideas collide. You never know
    who you’ll run into or what conversation you’ll have that will spark your next
    great idea or kickstart your current venture.
  • Empower: As a community we can empower each other. Find new resources
    to drive action and outcomes in your business and give back by sharing your
Do I have to be in a startup?

No. The startup community needs all areas of expertise to accelerate ideas and
innovations. Join us and see what the PHX startup community is all about!

Is this event in-person?

Yes! The 2023 event is in-person at ASU 365 Community Union in Tempe, AZ. As a
backup, tickets also come with a livestream option so that you can tune into the
sessions virtually, if necessary.

Can I buy a ticket for one day only?

Yep! Tickets must be purchased for each day you’d like to attend, which makes it
easy to customize your selection from a single day to all five.

Questions? Contact Us

Need to get ahold of us? Send us an email at [email protected]