By: Erica Scott, Founder, Civilian Connections

Did you know that there is a readily available pool of loyal, dedicated, and technically advanced job candidates?

Did you know that there are tax credits available for hiring them?

Yes, it’s true, and if you’re not employing veterans, you’re missing out on these benefits and more.

You hire. You fire. Rinse and repeat. The ebbs and flows of running a business can make your head spin. Worrying about having the right people, in the right seats, at the right time used to keep me up at night. After all, employees are a company’s most significant assets, and a bad hire can cause major damage.

When I began hiring veterans, those worries evaporated. Military experience had given these veterans gifts that translated into significant advantages in the civilian business world. Here are just a few reasons why it’s in your best interest to hire veterans.

OG techies. Sure, civilians get excited about new technology, but when I show my veteran friends the latest advance, they’ve already seen it or something very similar to it. I attended a panel of IT experts recently, and one of the panelists explained that technology is released in the following order: nation-states, military, general population. Veterans have no fear or hesitancy with new technology because their training has instilled the desire to learn and master anything new or up and coming. They’ve been there and done that.

Drama-free. Hiring veterans made my life much easier and less stressful. You won’t have to worry about day-to-day operational decisions that take you away from growing the business. Any obstacles or team building necessary to complete the mission is already a part of their strategic planning. Nothing is going to stop them from completing a project successfully.

Trusted advisors. Hire people who are smarter than you. This is a game-changer. Many of the veterans in my circle are smarter than I am—and I think I’m pretty darn smart. Hiring veterans means you’ll have employees who are your advisors, who help you see and think differently. No business owner or visionary disrupts the status quo alone. Being able to consult with veterans and ask them “What do you think?” is the best feeling in the world. Veterans have a brother- and sisterhood among them that very few civilians will ever understand. If you allow them to do their thing, they will have your back.

Faster, better, cheaper. The veterans I hired completed tasks at a record pace with flawless execution. This drive comes from a deep understanding of the goal, stakeholders, and how to get there while minimizing risk. Veterans have been trained to be fiscally responsible, so any opportunities for saving money or increasing the return on investment is in their DNA. Veterans just get it done.

If you’re looking to employ the best and the brightest for your company, hire veterans. Veterans will not only make your company more efficient and productive, but they will also change your culture. Under the influence of veterans’ poise, leadership, and commitment, the people in your company will evolve to excellence.

Erica Scott is the founder and geek at Civilian Connections. She finds the right talent and puts them in the right seats, driving business growth. Erica focuses on translating the skills of our military veterans for the right employer. Matching veterans in their new profession is an achievement like no other as veterans have the opportunity to continue to serve with purpose in their role as a civilian. This is a gift and companies get the benefit of employing talented and loyal employees. Erica believes a key component to innovation in the United States resides in our military population. Veterans change the lives of everyone they encounter because they place service to others above their self-interests. Erica knows this firsthand and has been fortunate to not only work with veterans but is proud to know them because they are people of character. People enjoy working with Erica because she has a knack for uncovering what makes people tick, finding just the right words to express what is in their hearts. Discovering the right words uncovers the potential that helps veterans see their best selves.

When Erica is not working to support veterans, you can find her having fun at Comic-Con festivals, visiting local restaurants to satisfy some foodie interests, and speaking Russian.