Thank you! Your generous gift of time and energy is greatly appreciated. This all-volunteer event would not be possible without the support of generous people, just like you.

Want to do more? Feel free to sign up for additional shifts below.

Volunteer together. Thrive together.

Choose the venue you’d like to volunteer at. After the jump you’ll be able to select the specific shift you’re committing to. (All shifts are 4.5 hours.)

There are morning, afternoon, and some evening shifts available. Shift slots are limited and first-come, first-served.

But why should I volunteer?


1. Building Community

Come volunteer with other people who have been where you’ve been and understand the struggle, can offer support and help you in your entrepreneurial journey.

2. Driving Innovation

Innovation happens when great ideas collide. You never know who you’ll run into or what conversation you’ll have that will spark your next great idea.

3. Empowering Action

Talk is cheap, putting words into action and providing resources to propel that action is what drives us.

…are important to you.


PLUS: you get a free, full-access pass to the venue you volunteer for at PHX Startup Week!