Ryan Johnson - Co-Founder & CEO of Culdesac

Ryan Johnson - Co-Founder & CEO of Culdesac

Monday Fireside Chat Speaker

Ryan Johnson is CEO and Co-founder of Culdesac Inc., which builds and manages walkable neighborhoods. Culdesac’s value proposition is convenient mobility options, a vibrant community, and high quality open space. By enabling residents to live without a car, Culdesac’s unique model reduces residents’ carbon emissions from transportation by 50% and lowers residents’ overall cost of living by reducing transportation expenses.

Before founding Culdesac, Mr. Johnson was on the founding team of Opendoor, a real estate technology company that gives sellers a competitive cash offer on their home. Opendoor is now in 42 markets with over 100,000 customers served to date. Outside of Culdesac and Opendoor, Mr. Johnson has been involved in the real estate space for two decades through his own investments.

Mr. Johnson’s prior experience also includes work on transportation and urban planning with the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Bain Capital Private Equity, and city government in Chile.