Michael Gaman - Founder, CEO of XAQ10

Michael Gaman - Founder, CEO of XAQ10

Wednesday Speaker

Michael Gaman is a media buyer with over a decade of experience scaling hundreds of accounts on multiple platforms. He launched his agency, XAQ10 (aka Execution), only a few months ago and it is growing rapidly. As a marketing expert in restricted categories such as cannabis, legal, financial services, telehealth, and more.

He has managed millions of dollars in advertising across restricted and challenging industries, notably scaling digital advertising for the largest CBD companies in the world. In his marketing practice, he balances a keen sense for the emotions and motivations of potential customers with profound knowledge of advertising platform compliance. He gives credit and thanks to the support of a network of kind entrepreneurs and friends in Arizona that have helped him along his journey.

In acknowledgement of that support on his journey, he volunteers as a marketing mentor in accelerators, with budding entrepreneurs, and to passionate change-makers. His current and former clients include Tommy Chong CBD, SUAVs, OMGyes, BetterLegal, Personal Injury Leads, Rose Capital and too many more to list.

In mid-2022, Michael partnered with experienced AI developer, Jason Toy, to develop multiple AI-based marketing tools and integrations to share with others and to use in marketing. Michael is also a prolific painter, depicting life-like portraits and practicing the calming art of plein-air. He has a BFA in Illustration from Massachusetts College of Art, to which he credits his ability to distill messaging into its fundamental components.