Happy Hours


Have fun and drink responsibly.

Our friends at Lyft were very generous and provided us with this code:



*10% off on 4 rides anywhere in the Valley* from 2/17-2/22 — so use it while you can  🙂

Larry’s a nice guy. 

Lives in the same building as Galvanize. 

Not a Happy Hour. Still a good time.

Check your app for a ticket code for registered PHX SUW ticket holders.

The Mac. The Cheese. The Vig. Join us. 

But take a Lyft and bring your friends. (Parking is limited.) 

Make your own fun with friends old and new. 

Or go to bed early because you’re old and tired. #notjudging

Enough with the co-working.

Tonight we’re co-drinking. 

It’s a party.

You’re invited to crawl along. 


A toast to you 

Thank you again to all of our happy hour sponsors!