Daniela (Santangelo) Alpert - Startup Consultant

Daniela (Santangelo) Alpert - Startup Consultant

Thursday Speaker

Daniela is an entrepreneur, startup activator & advisor and a community builder.  She has returned back to AZ after 10 years. During that time she co-founded a Series B company transforming the way the world moves.

She brought in 85% of the revenue through strategic partnerships and helped 500k customers in 68 countries which moved the NPS from the moving industry standard of 28 to 72 – while also having 2 babies during that time!  She has her BA in Psychology and her MBA. 

After separating from her startup last year, she’s been studying the Chakra alignment system to become a certified meditation teacher and spiritual psychology coach.  She now is dedicating her career to supporting the founder ecosystem and challenging the mental health stigma through a holistic approach of business coaching combined with mind-body-soul support.