Amber Halvorson - Co-Founder and COO of INSPIRED Vibe

Amber Halvorson - Co-Founder and COO of INSPIRED Vibe

Thursday Fireside Chat Moderator and Lunch & Learn Host

Amber Halvorson is the dynamic COO of INSPIRED Vibe, an accomplished operations expert with over two decades of experience in the biotech, behavioral health, and financial services industries. Prior to joining INSPIRED Vibe, Amber worked primarily as a COO, ensuring healthy, sustainable, and scalable growth for various organizations. While she had the opportunity to work with incredible people, Amber always felt the urge to build her own dream.

Her diverse industry background has equipped Amber with an innate understanding of what it takes to build successful companies. Seeking a new challenge and an opportunity to create the company she always envisioned, Amber decided to take the leap and join Christin Daniels at INSPIRED Vibe.

Though her mind is captivated by the intricacies of operations, Amber’s heart is undeniably creative. She finds immense joy in seeing client projects come together and revels in the moment a client reacts to the exceptional work her team has produced.

Reflecting on her journey, Amber occasionally wonders what might have happened if she had made the leap sooner. However, she recognizes that her previous experiences have only served to strengthen her interactions with clients. Now, Amber’s mission is to drive the growth and success of her clients while building the company of her dreams alongside Christin at INSPIRED Vibe.