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Video Marketing for Startups

Video for Startups: How to visually communicate with your customers

Every business has a story to tell. Sharing that story visually is the best way to attract new customers and ensure current ones remain brand advocates.

In the past year alone, daily Facebook video views have increased to 8 billion, up from 1 billion in 2014. And that’s just the beginning of the statistical story. YouTube views continue to rise, and studies show show that video presence increases website engagement by 200-300%, translates to higher sales, increased click-through rates and greater landing page conversions. It’s also been shown that company executives seek more information about products and services after watching video.

But as with all amazing tools, it must be used effectively. Video doesn’t work magic for your brand simply because someone pushed a record button. There are many videos out there, from YouTube tutorials to Superbowl commercials, that either baffle us or send us to sleep – which is a waste of a lot of time and money. Too often, companies do not consider the numerous and unexpected ways video can extend their reach, and even when they conjure up a great idea the planning process is insufficient.

Here are 23 ways you can use video effectively.

Promote your services – How is your service the solution?
Educate consumers – What do they want to learn?
Show behind-the-scenes elements – What’s the “wow” factor?
Follow up with new customers who recently made purchases.
Share testimonials.
Provide facility tours.
Promote upcoming events.
Enhance blogs and e-newsletters.
Attract investors.
Shape public opinion.
Recruit talent.
Train employees.
Share company values.
Recognize employees who excel.
Share key messages at employee events.
Share company events which everyone cannot attend.
Announce breaking news to the public and media.
Pitch positive story ideas to the media.
Rebroadcast events you previously livestreamed.
Enhance conference and trade show presentations.
Improve face-to-face sales.
Welcome and educate visitors in a lobby.

These are all videos that clients have asked us to shoot, write and edit. No matter the delivery platform – TV, website, social media or through email – be sure to think beyond your general scope of marketing and do your research. What angle or topic will get the most customer response? What aspects of your product or service will be the most visually compelling to communicate?

Plan your video carefully.

Our experience shows that businesses too often derail their videos from the start through a lack of communication, or conversely by inviting too many cooks – who want to be producers – to the kitchen. Ask these questions before you start shooting and editing video:

  • What is the video’s goal?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are your key messages?
  • What compelling stories can you share?
  • What will be the video’s tone?
  • Where will you shoot the video?
  • What other elements can make the video more interesting to watch?
  • What people will the video include?
  • Should the video include music?
  • Should the video include narration?
  • How long should the video be?
  • How will you promote the video?
  • How will you track success?

These tips and techniques are only the beginning of the story. When considering video, the most important thing to remember is quality. Your office, website, social media platforms and even the way you personally present yourself all reflect your brand. Video is no different. Bad ones that appear born from high school production classes will scare potential clients away, so make sure your team has conversations about pitfalls to avoid during the process and outline the definite things to stay away from. Great videos that look professional and match your brand can bring enormous benefits to your bottom line.

bf2dc8f950ce-Keith_YaskinThis post was contributed by Keith Yaskin, President of The Flip Side Communications LLC.

Keith Yaskin is a three-time Emmy-award winning former investigative TV reporter. The Associated Press once named him Arizona’s TV Reporter of the Year. He is now president of The Flip Side Communications LLC which specializes in video production, PR, employee communications and media training.



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