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PHX Startup Week in One Word

Has it already been a year?

Being a Type A, ENFP, passionate entrepreneur who loves the process of starting, I love starting each new year with a bang. I’ve gone through a lot of different phases and tried a number of traditions over the decades. Some have stuck, some haven’t.

For example, resolutions haven’t stuck. I would slave over my goals and lengthy bullet points come every January 1, but after four to six months, sometimes even shorter, the plans would fall apart. It’s kind of like a startup’s business plans, come to think of it.

Life requires pivots.

But there is a tradition that has stuck with me for the past fourteen years. Rather than create a list of well-intentioned-but-unkeepable resolutions, I choose one word. All of the year, simplified into a singular word that remains a point of unforgettable focus for me over the next twelve months.

While some years’ words have been more impactful than others — 2015’s “alignment” was a life-changer for me — this simple effort has never ceased yielding fruit in all aspects of my life.

Considering this, I’ve given some thought to how I would boil down PHX Startup Week 2016 into a single word.

Of course, the week-long celebration is not mine to own, it’s the community’s. As a result, every contributor might have their own take on this, and every attendee will surely have their own response to the event. But if I had to boil PHX Startup Week 2016 down to a word which we are trying to make our sophomore effort aspire towards, it is this:


While I’m more interested to hear what the entire community hopes for the upcoming event (only seven weeks, people!) to embody, this word articulates my personal aim. I strive for PHX Startup Week 2016 to be an event that offers meaningful content, facilitates meaningful relationships, creates meaningful opportunities, and makes a meaningful statement for all of Arizona’s entrepreneur ecosystem.

Every new year that PHX Startup Week continues, long after I’m involved, will surely have its own flavor and theme. But now you know mine.

What’s your one word? How would you recap PHX Startup Week 2015 in a word? What do you hope the 2016 effort embodies in a word? Do you have a personal word for 2015? Share on Twitter by mentioning both @PHXstartupweek and #oneword.


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