Save the Dates: February 19–23, 2018


Just about everything you always wanted to know about Techstars PHX Startup Week.

Where will TechStars PHX Startup Week take place?

The location for TechStars PHX Startup Week 2018 is yet to be announced. Check back soon or sign up for the newsletter list to stay in the loop on our location for this year.

How can I submit to speak?

Speaker submissions for 2018 are closed, and selection is in progress.

We select speakers with a deep expertise in their area and speakers who are experienced at bringing valuable, actionable content to our startup audience. Each year, we seek successful entrepreneurs, investors, lawyers, accountants, marketers, academics, developers and experts with a direct connection to entrepreneurship success.

Even if you didn’t make the speaker submissions this year, we still need your voice. Sign up to become a mentor:

What is the cost to attend TechStars PHX Startup Week?

All events, keynotes, workshops, panels and evening networking opportunities are FREE for attendees thanks to the support of our title sponsor, Chase for Business, as well as other generous sponsors.

If you’re interested in sponsorship, Reach Out To Us.

Who should attend?

TechStars PHX Startup Week is great for anyone interested in entrepreneurship, making local connections in the business community, and learning from some of the Valley’s most successful business leaders. Whether a student, employee, business owner, solopreneur, government leader, or educator, PHX Startup Week has a variety of opportunities for learning and building connections.

Who’s in charge of PHX Startup Week?

TechStars PHX Startup Week was started by a few local, intrepid entrepreneurs in 2015 with support from Chase for Business. In partnership with TechStars, and with the continued support from Chase, the event continues to be run by local entrepreneurs and community leaders.

Does TechStars PHX Startup Week have any connection to other organizations?

Startup Week was started by UP Global, a nonprofit dedicated to serving entrepreneurial communities around the world. In 2015, UP Global became part of TechStars. Chase, and other TechStars Startup Week sponsors, serve as financial supporters of this community-organized event.

I have questions. Who should I contact?

Your best bet is to contact us.

Your question will be routed to the appropriate contact. (But again, this is a volunteer effort, so don’t expect an immediate response.)

If you’re a member of the media, please contact

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