Save the Dates: February 19–23, 2018

AI/IoT Day

Educate & Enable!

Part of PHX Startup Week 2018

Monday, February 19th

What Is AI/IoT Day?

AI/IOT Day is designed to help entrepreneurs and local businesses get a broad overview of how AI/IOT is impacting every aspect of business. From Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Fintech, HR, Operations, AI is expected to grow to a $50 billion dollar industry within the next 3 years.

The AI/IOT Day promotes the trends in these areas and helps companies learn what to prepare for when the 4th Industrial Revolution arrives. Our goal is to help local businesses understand how they can use or create these technologies to gain competitive advantage and where to begin on their AI journey.

Who should attend?

Entrepreneurs and companies who are looking to get an overview of what AI is, how companies are using it, and where to begin. We are showcasing local companies and talent who have AI expertise to talk about how they are using AI and IOT technologies to create competitive advantage for their business. Our goal is to educate the community on what AI really means in business, how this is going to create rapid shifts and opportunities in the marketplace, and, most importantly, how to get started.

How do I sign up to attend AI/IoT Day?

Artificial Intelligence/Internet of Things Day is part of the official PHX Startup Week programming. Register for PHX Startup Week on the website.


How can I spread the word about Artificial Intelligence/Internet of Things Day?

Spread the word in the Arizona community to come out to attend these special talks and network with other industry leaders. Plus, use the hashtag #ourMarkPHX on social media.

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